Naturall is not just in our name,
it’s in our commitment to consumers.


We are an authentic all natural food company that uses only the healthiest and carefully selected ingredients to create balanced and delicious natural food products.

Experience Matters

We’ve been in the food and baking industry for more than three decades.  Over the years, we’ve listened to our customers express their preference for healthy foods made from natural ingredients and that are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, grain free and peanut free.

To provide an alternative to scientifically engineered and chemically modified food products, we established Eat Naturall, LLC. We are a health conscious food company that offers discerning consumers healthy, and nutritionally balanced foods.

Go ahead and read our ingredients. They’re easy to read even without a science degree!

Made in Newington, CT

Unlike the mega-manufacturers of industrial food products, our EatNaturall foods are made in small batches with ingredients that meet the highest standards for natural food content. EatNaturall food products are made in peanut-free facility in our modern plant in Newington, Connecticut.

So, if you have medical reasons to improve your diet or just want to provide healthy alternatives for you and your family, EatNaturall is the natural choice for great taste and good health.